Maison Empereur: the oldest hardware store in France – Marseille

Maison Empereur Marseille

If you are about to visit Marseille, the « capital » of Provence, this amazing shop is a go-to place that you mustn’t miss!

Maison Empereur: the oldest hardware store in France

Located in the center of the city (Maison Empereur, 4 rue des Récolettes, 13001 Marseille), just a step from the old port, this true Ali Baba cave, opened since 1827, is now the oldest hardware store in France.

(One thing you must know: I AM A HUGE FAN OF HARDWARE STORES… and supermarkets. Because I feel they really give us the pulse of a place when you visit.)

What can you buy there? Almost E V E R Y T H I N G (end from the best manufacturers)!
Cooking utensils, tools, paint, maintenance products, but also tableware, decorative items, perfumes, wooden toys… you cannot come out empty-handed.

A trendy and cozy place where to browse

Last time, I bought cotton tea towels (perfect to wipe glasses)…

I spent a couple of minutes in this aisle, wondering if I was forgetting something « I truly needed »…

Dreamt I had a kitchen where I could hang these copper beauties…

Hesitated to buy a real Angel Food Cake tin (because I am using a « fake one »)… but this one didn’t had the small « feet » on.

Oh… and — of course — they also sell the so-called « savon de Marseille » = olive oil soap!

Picture from Maison Empereur website (link enclosed here below).

Maison Empereur: why not spend a night in the back shop?

If you are like me and feel that you could spend all your day in this wonderland, there is also a bar!

But that’s not all… you can extend the adventure by staying overnight in the back shop transformed in a 90 m2 flat that you can rent on Airbnb. (I wish I was not living so close and needed to spend the night in Marseille.)

Fortunately, I always have a good reason to drive down to the Old Port and stop there for some errands.

More on Maison Empereur

You can follow them on Instagram @maisonempereur or browse their website in English.

4 rue des Récolettes

Photo credit @Delphinn

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