Clarified butter

Years ago, this basic food prep recipe was one of the first posts of my French blog I always have a batch of this clarified butter ready in my fridge because it is really helpful for many recipes… and also super good spread on toasted bread.

Called ghee or ghi in many countries (where it can usually be found in stores), clarified butter – « beurre clarifié » in French is not a shop staple here and we have to make it at home.

Hopefully, it is super quick and easy to prepare!

Why is it an interesting food prep? Because it is only the yellow butterfat that remains after we remove milk solids and water from butter. It has a higher smoke point than butter and allow to cook without burning.

In terms of health, clarified butter contains no trans-fat and can be a better option on a daily basis.


The quantity of butter depends on the quantity you need. I use to prepare batches of 250g (in a 200g glass jar) but you can make more. It keeps for weeks in the refrigerator.

Here is how I proceed step by step.

Melt on medium heat. Then skim the white part (milk solids) with a tablespoon.
Scoop the white part into a separate bowl.
Gently pour the translucent golden liquid (which is the butter « clarified ») into the jar. Pay attention not to add the remaining white solid parts usually at the bottom of the pan.
Store in the refrigerator where the clarified butter will turn solid.

Tip : Sterilize your jars before using by dipping them into boiling water, then pat dry with clean tea towel.

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