My name is Delphine with a final e… but since I am running a French blog on food www.delphinn.com where I share all my fav recipes I sign all my blog post as Delphinn.

I am the French insider behind this blog. I have been working for 20 years in the luxury industry before I became a food expert, interpreter & literary translator and host for tours in France.

As an interpreter, I have been working for 8 years as a host & interpreter English/French at Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon.

As a literary translator (specialized in food, lifestyle and luxury), I have been translating many books from English, Spanish or Italian to French.

Here are a few samples of the published books that I have translated into French:

I love nice and authentic goods, places and people.
When I like something or someone, I just want to share it with you.

Thank you very much for joining @whatmakesitfrench.

I hope you will find inspiration, discover real French items that are worth having or tasting and learn about my country 🙂

Let’s enjoy and have fun!